The goddess of all celebrity makeup artist, her majestic Charlotte Tilbury has launched a tribute-collection in the name of the legendary fashion photographer Norman Perkinson






John Rawlings, American Vogue, March 1943 NormanParkinson_pg1392

by Norman Parkinson, bromide print on card mount, 1963

by Norman Parkinson, bromide print on card mount, 1963

sheet-13-frame-14_main_image queen-paris-1968-criac3a7c3a3o-de-jean-muir-c2a9-helmut-newton The-timeless-style-of-Norman-Parkinson_0x440 norman_parkinson2 ossieclark3jerry-hall-diptych_main_imagejerry-hall-by-norman-parkinson-1975Norman-Parkinson-PoolIMG_0732


Jerry Hall, Norman Perkinsons’ muse and her iconic 1975 Vogue cover are the references for this amazing makeup tutorial¬†


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