Lou Reed, the Rock is floating in the sky

Lou Reed Promo ShotLou Reed Oh oh what a feeling… Yesterday I lost a master,  Lou Reed passed away and I feel so sad…His songs gave me a wider perspective on things, they are poems in music and they are beyond the time. As a tribute to this artist, who was a milestone for the story of Rock as well as Music,  I pick up some of his songs, it was a difficult choice, they’re all worth, but this is what I want to share with you : before the music, pay attention to the lyrics which are so meaningful.

Let the Music echoes inside of you.

ANDERSON - REED30052008141333

John Varvatos Presents Transformer By Lou Reed And Mick Rock lou-reed-sized



Lou Reed Lou-Reed-lou-reed-24175207-540-300

01_portraits_laurie_anderson 1225989671761_andersonreedLaurie-Anderson-and-Lou-R-001loureedlauriandersonfooter



Informazioni su Missandry

Vorrei vivere a metà tra un romanzo di Ellroy e Mad Men, uscire con Mick Jagger e teletrasportarmi tra New York e Parigi. E visto che ho 30 anni, reggere benissimo svariati martini dry.

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