Rock’n’Love: Pamela Love’s jewelry for Zadig&Voltaire

MADE FASHION WEEK Presents VIETNAM Jam Session with PAMELA LOVEPamela Love is a N.Y. jewelry designer, based in Brooklyn. Before starting her bussiness, she was Francesco Clemente’s assistant.

Her pieces include elements from nature, like eagle claws bird craniums and snakes, from religion, from Aztec and Native American symbols, science and medicine (her father was a surgeon).

There’ a subtle esoteric feeling through her collections, because she’s questioning a lot about death.

Now she have made a collaboration with the French brand Zadig&Voltaire:

In her spare time she plays drums and she runs a tattoo parlor


Other signature pieces from PL collections:

pamela-love-talon-cuff-21a0581321527a2f1a8459aed87c57d21 03db96a58a830908ac00fa080974acb2 ccce6a41b6313ef6b14836f6d331b42d Pamela Love Presentation 9ee72b6b35b6b4785f6e31df396d4a97 11a706f5357575d4915db435b47ba553Anna Wintour, Pamela Love


Informazioni su Missandry

Vorrei vivere a metà tra un romanzo di Ellroy e Mad Men, uscire con Mick Jagger e teletrasportarmi tra New York e Parigi. E visto che ho 30 anni, reggere benissimo svariati martini dry.

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